Premier and Talk- 'The bad breath of Mondriaan specialist Hans Janssen #10'.

Premier and Talk- 'The bad breath of Mondriaan specialist Hans Janssen #10'.


Testimonials from some participants.

''I think it was a very nice talk. I like that you can be critical to them, that you have the ability to interact with them and not just that they sit somewhere and make these videos and have a lot of views and just don’t care about the spiciness of the comments.'' 

''I like these talk sessions because it doesn’t close the videos down, if you see a YouTube video you can leave a comment, but it doesn’t have any value. You place yourself in a different level. It stays inside there. But now when you can confront them, when you speak with them face to face, you’re just two, then it becomes way more authentic.'' 

''I liked it a lot. I think all the episodes are intriguing. What I like about this setting is that it gives you something on top of watching the episode. To grasp the essence of the episode. A lot of things become clearer if you talk about it. I think it’s nice to have more premieres like this. I showed KIRAC episodes to a lot of friends of mine and often the start following the Youtube channel. But for some people it's too vague or hardcore, and a talk like this would give them clarity because they can respond with their own questions. But I think this setting has a lot of potential. Also in other places then just the Rietveld academy. It might be good to re-arrange the sitting, the chairs. In a cirkel. So everybody can look at each other.''

''I had a lot of critique on this episode. But that’s why I enjoy this talk because you can actually say it to them.'' 

''I would come if there is another event.''

''The first time I saw one of the videos I thought what they did was just provocation. Now I think getting a bit wilder is actually a necessity.''

This is how some people responded to KIRAC LIVE at the Gerrit Rietveld academy. During the talk we premiered KIRAC episode 10, and we talked about it afterwards. The talk was not limited to talking about the episode. People asked and said all kinds of things that mattered to them. 

Thanks to Marieke Coppens and Merel Kokhuis at Buro Rietveld for organizing the event with us.