Supporting Artists 

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kirac (keeping it real art Critics)

Stefan Ruitenbeek, the Artist / Filmmaker and Kate Sinha, the Archaeologist / Artist are the duo making furore by the name of Keeping It Real Art Critics. Their spirit......


wout neutkens

Wout Neutkens was born in 1985, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
He lives and works in Amsterdam.

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lynn hershman leeson

Lynn Hershman Leeson’s (b. 1941) career spans half a century of pioneering contributions to performance art, new media, video, film, and photography. Besides her best-known series of works centered around the fictional character of Roberta Breitmore (1973 – 78), Hershman Leeson is also the creator of Lorna (1979–83), the first interactive videodisc, as well as the first to use touch-activated screens in Deep Contact: The Sexual Fantasy Videodisk (1984–86).