Lectures and courses

Otobong Nkanga  Installation view, Otobong Nkanga- To Dig A Hole That Collapses Again  MCA Chicago March 31 - September 2, 2018 Photo - Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago.jpg

Evening Lecture

The Intelligent Eye: The Global Art Market and How to Determine the Value of Art

This elaborate lecture provides specialized insight into the mechanisms and structures of the international art market, the players and the manner in which galleries, dealers, art fairs and auction houses operate. Based on study cases, the course will explain and analyze market peaks from iconic artist’s careers. The participants will also receive practical advice on acquiring contemporary art as well as on building a consistent art collection.


in-depth course

Navigating the Contemporary Art Market

How challenging is it to build a meaningful art collection all by yourself? Very difficult, turns out! More and more storages are filled with worthless works of art, fallen out the favors of their owners but also of the art world. An art collection consists of works that appeal to you, but a smart collection consists of works that appeal to you and that also become more valuable in time. Paul van Esch, the first art advisor in The Netherlands, expert in contemporary and modern art with more than 30 years of experience in the international art world, gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the erratic, complex and continuously changing art market and how to tackle all of its challenges.

This five-week intensive course is specifically tailored to explore the risks and opportunities present in the current art market. During the course the participants will have the opportunity to look behind the screens of the art market mechanisms and gain the necessary tools and knowledge to critically assess both the mainstream and emerging markets.  

The course is offered to a small group in an intimate and personalized setting, with the aim to offer all-round support for purchasing high-end artworks in a meaningful manner. We will embark together on a shopping journey where at the end of the course each participant will own a work of art purchased with the knowledge and advice learned during the course. On the last night, Paul van Esch & Partners Art Advisory organizes a dinner where the purchased artworks will be exhibited and the next steps for building and managing the collections will be discussed.